Entrepreneurs unite in the 1st socio-environmental media network in the country

A pioneering initiative by the Folha Group brings together 38 organizations to disseminate social and environmental ideas and solutions in Brazil. Debates, documentary, forum on sustainability, website, blog and publication of news and profiles of social leaders are among the strategic actions to make social entrepreneurship a reference in the media and society

With the aim of ?disseminating socio-environmental ideas and solutions for a new Brazil?, Folha de S.Paulo launches a pioneering initiative: the Folha de Empreendedores Socioambientais Network.

It is made up of finalists for the Social Entrepreneur awards (in its seventh edition in 2011) and Social Entrepreneur of the Future (in its third edition). In this way, the newspaper becomes the first media group in the world to promote, select, publicize and articulate Brazilian social leaders.

?The launch reflects the consolidation of a long-term project that Folha has proposed to develop since 2005, with the creation of the Social Entrepreneur Award, which selects and endorses innovative, sustainable social leaders with a strong impact on public policies and the society in general?, says Sérgio Dávila, executive editor of Folha de S.Paulo.

In this first phase, the initiative brings together 38 innovative organizations with a notable social impact in the country. Social leaders who have already adhered to the proposal are: Ana Moser, from Instituto Esporte & Educação; André Albuquerque, from Terra Nova Land Regularizations; André François, from ImageMagica; Auro Lescher, from Projeto Quixote; Axel Grael, from the Rumo Náutico Institute/Grael Project; Berenice Kikuchi, from the Sickle Cell Anemia Association of the State of São Paulo; Carlos Eduardo Zuma, from the Noos Institute; Cláudia Cotes, from Vez da Voz; David Hertz, from Gastromotiva; Eliana Tiezzi, from Projeto Papel de Gente; Elizabeth Vargas, from the Ruth Cardoso Center; Érika Foureaux, from the Noisinho da Silva Institute; Eugenio Scannavino Netto, from Projeto Saúde & Alegria, Fábio Bibancos, from Turma do Bem; Francisco Alemberg, from the Casa Grande Foundation; Joaquim de Melo Neto, from Banco Palmas; Jussara Matsuda, from Clínica Cidadã; Karen Worcman, from the Museum of the Person; Karina Rehavia of Ninui; Luciano Huck, from the Create Institute; Luiz Moura, from the Teaching and Applied Research Nucleus; Marcelo Mello, from Prove; Márcia Rolon, from Instituto Homem Pantaneiro; Maria Tereza Leal, from the Rocinha Craft and Sewing Cooperative; Nicolau Priante Filho, from Coorimbatá; Patrícia Chalaça, from Casa da Criança; Raquel Barros, from Associação Lua Nova; Ricardo Cardim, from Friends of the Trees in São Paulo; Roberto Kikawa, from the Cies Project; Rodrigo Castro, from the Caatinga Association; Rodrigo de Méllo Brito, from Aliança Empreendedora; Rosana Bianchini, from the Kairós Institute; Sueli de Lima, from Casa da Arte de Educar; Suzana and Cláudio Padua, from the Ecological Research Institute; Teresa Costa d'Amaral, from the Brazilian Institute for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; Valdir Cimino, from the Live and Let Live Association; Wagner Gomes, from the Local Economic Development Agency; and Yvonne Bezerra de Mello, from Projeto Uerê.

?The great merit of the network is to bring together different entrepreneurs who work in very different areas, at the same time very complementary, and make them combine energy and experience to help design the future of Brazil?, says Ana Moser, from Instituto Esporte & Educação.

?I find in this network the inspiring power to multiply the impact of our work and the possibilities of co-creating innovative solutions that generate transformation. I believe we will strengthen ourselves to make socio-environmental practice a pillar of development in Brazil?, reports David Hertz, from Gastromotiva.

?Together, Folha and entrepreneurs, in their multiple innovations, are an example that diversity can create a collaborative reality and effective qualitative change in our country?, says Eliana Tiezzi, from Projeto Papel de Gente.

?I have no doubt that the work of this network of social entrepreneurs will give rise to countless future public policies in Brazil?, highlights Luciano Huck, from Instituto Acreditar.

?If entrepreneurs create innovations and initiate movements, there is nothing better than Folha for these ideas and examples to spread and inspire throughout the country. Rede Folha is not only here to stay, it is here to change?, emphasizes Rodrigo de Méllo Brito, from Aliança Empreendedora.

Third sector: new communication channels

?With the Folha de Empreendedores Socioambientals Network, Folha goes beyond the search and selection of proven effective ideas for Brazilian socio-environmental problems and starts to disseminate these actions in an integrated manner in the Folha Group channels?, says Patrícia Trudes da Veiga, editor of Supplements and the Social Entrepreneur.

The reader will benefit from more information about the third sector and new communication channels. Through the website www.folha.com.br/empreendedorsocial, you can access news about cooperativism, social business and socio-environmental practices. At the address, there are also tips on sustainability actions, profiles of social entrepreneurs and information on innovative initiatives.

Members of the Folha Network of Socio-Environmental Entrepreneurs also regularly contribute with posts on the Social Entrepreneur Blog: http://empreendedorsocial.folha.blog.uol.com.br/.

Debates and documentary

The series "Dialogues with Rede Folha" is part of the initiative, which will hold monthly debates on the internet on matters of great relevance to the country, produced by TV Folha and broadcast by Folha.com.

In addition, the network will be the subject of a documentary in series format, to be produced by TV Folha, and will articulate the 3rd Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship Forum, in 2012.

about the prizes

The Social Entrepreneur Award, organized by Folha de S.Paulo and the Schwab Foundation, is in its seventh edition. The Folha Social Entrepreneur of the Future Award, an exclusive initiative of Folha de S.Paulo, is in its third year. Both seek to recognize social leaders who act in an innovative, sustainable way and with a strong impact on society and public policies. On November 9, Folha de S.Paulo will publish the prize winners and finalists, with circulation, on the 10th, of a special section with a detailed profile of the 2011 finalists.

Socio-environmental contests are sponsored by Ernst & Young Terco and strategically supported by Artemisia; Ceats (Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Third Sector Administration); Iats (Administration Institute for the Third Sector); Figueiredo Lopes, Golfieri, Reicher, Storto Advogados; IGesc (Management for Civil Society Organizations); Neuron; Sitawi and The Hub.

Other supporters are ABCR (Brazilian Association of Fundraisers), Ashoka, CEBDS (Brazilian Business Council for Sustainable Development), Ethos, Folha.com, Gife (Group of Institutes, Foundations and Companies), NGO Brazil, P&B Comunicação, Planeta Volunteers, Sator and UOL.

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