Employability wins awards from Sitawi's 1st Call for Social Impact Contracts

The 1st Call for Social Impact Contracts by Sitawi announces its winners. In the FAPERJ category, the Department of Science, Technology, Innovation and Higher Professional Education of Nova Friburgo was chosen, while in the General category, with nationwide coverage, the Department of Assistance and Social Development of Campo Limpo Paulista won first place. The projects will be awarded with the analysis of adherence of the social problem to the social impact contract by the own methodology developed by Sitawi and will receive an award certificate on behalf of the State or Municipality.

?There are two projects that deal with the issue of Productive Inclusion, a topic of great relevance for Brazil today. However, their approach is complementary. Nova Friburgo focuses on promoting entrepreneurship, while Campo Limpo Paulista addresses the inclusion of people in socially vulnerable situations?, commented Bruno Pantojo, Specialist in Social Impact Contracts at Sitawi.

The Secretariat of Nova Friburgo presented a project whose objective is the professional inclusion of people with a high level of qualification. Given the low dynamism of the local economy, people who qualify end up leaving the territory, a classic case of adverse selection, while those who are not qualified remain in the city. This problem has worsened in recent years with the expansion of higher education in the city. The goal is to develop an effective strategy to support new local businesses and develop a support network for entrepreneurs.

The winning project in the General category aims at the professional insertion of people in social vulnerability in the Municipality of Campo Limpo Paulista. The idea is to find alternatives to the model offered today, something very close to the work fronts. The population involved is mostly at the intersection between the need for social assistance and work. Thus, the objective is to combine training and inclusion of this population.

?After the dissemination of the results, in an agreed schedule according to the current context, we will start the work together with the winning governments, diving deep into local realities and evaluating the adherence of the proposed social problems to the model of Social Impact Contracts?, Bruno pointed.

In all, the Call received 17 entries from projects linked to municipal and state governments throughout Brazil. There were subscribers from four regions of the country and the topics were quite varied, dealing with issues such as selective collection, management of parks and popular housing, to alcoholism and employability. 

The Call for Social Impact Contracts

The 1st Call Sitawi of Social Impact Contracts, launched in April 2019, seeks to recognize and support projects with a high potential for social impact, developed by public authorities in any thematic area that is suitable for implementation as a social impact contract (CIS). The objective is to encourage public managers to contribute to the modernization of their governments' management and the improvement of public services offered to the population. The projects classified in 1st place in the General category and 1st place in the Rio de Janeiro category will be awarded with the analysis of adherence of the social problem to the CIS by the methodology developed by the Sitawi Finances for Good and with an award certificate on behalf of the State or Municipality.

Learn more about Call Sitawi of Social Impact Contracts here.


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