Citi Award finalists release the book ”Stories that Inspired the World”

14 entrepreneurs unite their journeys in a surprising work that will be launched at Pinacoteca Benedito Calixto, in saints

The Citi Award was held until the 2015 edition as the Citi Best Microenterprise Award, which since 2005 has recognized inspiring stories and initiatives not only from microentrepreneurs, but also from Microfinance Institutions and Microcredit Agents. In April 2017, the edition carried out by Aliança Empreendedora was aimed at young people between 18 and 35 years old who had a formalized business or not. Out of 1,369 pre-registers, only 20 made it to the finals after challenging stages of presentations, tests and validations.

“The Citi Award gives you an opportunity to see the market, your business and yourself with a new perspective. You come to understand that not only can everyone undertake, but that you yourself were already doing it and didn't know it.” – Lorene Passos, 1st place in the Beginner Category. The stories of the finalist entrepreneurs are such exciting trajectories that Lorene Passos, known in the literary world as a writer Lorene Patígra, took on the mission of producing the book 1st Anthology of Entrepreneurs: Stories that Inspiram the World”, which brings together the experience written by 14 entrepreneurs, finalists of the Citi Award, with the aim of sharing this experience with hundreds of people. The launch will take place on a special weekend starting on December 1st, with a happy hour at Livraria Realejo, followed by an event open to the public on Saturday (2nd), with a lecture, entrepreneurship panel for debates and book exhibition, where the finalists will be present for the autograph night.

See the schedule for the visit of the authors of the work:


DAY​ ​12/01: 18:30 – Happy Hour at Livraria Realejo – Welcome to entrepreneurs and preview of autograph night.
DAY​ ​12/02: 15:00 – Espaço Cultural da Pinacoteca – Opening of the Event with Ceremonial by Gleicy Mattos and Lorene Passos. Followed by lecture.

4pm to 5pm – Education and Entrepreneurship Panel with the finalists of Group A.
5pm to 6pm – Technology and Entrepreneurship Panel with the finalists of Group B.
20:00 – Entrance to the Casarão Nobre – Tribute to the finalists and delivery of the printed works.
10pm – Closing cocktail.

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