Médio Juruá Territory Program 2017-2021

About the project

The Middle Juruá is located in the southwest of the State of Amazonas, a continuous area of conserved tropical forest in the municipality of Carauari, central area, 1,676 km from Manaus by river. The territory of high ecological importance due to its rich biodiversity, covers an area of 1.2 million hectares, with two Conservation Units? the Extractive Reserve (Resex) Médio Juruá and the Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS) Uacari ? and part of the Deni do Rio Xeruã Indigenous Land, covering a large area of the rural area of the municipality of Carauari (AM).

The Middle Juruá Territory Program (PTMJ) was born in 2017, with the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of the territory, offering sustainable livelihoods, well-being to traditional populations and conserving biodiversity. Between 2017 and 2021, the initiative prepared a Territorial Development Plan for the region, which involved a broad base of stakeholders to expand the scale and impact of conservation and development initiatives in the social, environmental and economic dimensions. The program brought advances in the axes of energy, communication, education, and sustainable value chains.

SITAWI is responsible for articulating the project, coordinating activities and reports, evaluating results and supporting local organizations. The goal is to leave a legacy for the Middle Juruá that strengthens and empowers everyone who is from the region or works there.


+R$16 million mobilized

+3,500 people impacted

919 thousand hectares conserved


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