More than 120 riverside people in the Amazon are benefiting from simple and economical solar energy

Many of the riverside communities in the Middle Juruá territory, in Amazonas, do not have electricity. With that in mind, the organization Litro de Luz, in partnership with ASPROC, brought simple and economical solar energy technology to the region. The action aims to improve the quality of lighting by providing clean energy in riverside communities, enabling the lighting of public areas and homes. This project is part of the Middle Juruá Territory Program, which has the general coordination of Sitawi and support from USAID, Natura and Coca-Cola.

In this action, more than 120 residents of the Santo Antônio do Brito and Toari communities benefited from two main lighting solutions. 27 poles were installed to light public areas, such as the corridors leading to houses and schools, and 33 internal solutions were installed to light the interior of the houses. LED lamps, PET bottles, PVC pipes, solar panels and batteries are on the list of materials needed to build these solutions.

According to Francisca Figueiredo, a resident of Toari, a community that benefited from the action, the project will be of great help: ?The implementation of the solar energy project to light up our homes and our school was very important for the community. Now we won't be in the dark anymore, we have lighting all night long. Before we were in the dark, now it's all clear?, she says.

In addition to installing the technologies, the project also trains local populations, known as ambassadors, to carry out maintenance on the lighting solutions. Tools and materials are provided for these ambassadors to troubleshoot future issues and support the rest of the community. In this way, the community becomes safer and residents become independent of other means of lighting that are difficult to access, such as a diesel engine, candles, batteries for flashlights and others.

To learn more about the project, watch the video of the 1st action of Liter of Light on Youtube.

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