Sitawi’s Impact Crowd Lending Platform Prepares Third Round of Investment

Another round of investment is coming in organizations with a positive socio-environmental impact through the Collective Impact Loan Platform, a partnership with Sitawi with the Sabin Institute. People interested in diversifying and redefining their investments will be able to borrow from R$ 1 thousand directly to two businesses with a positive impact and will have the capital back in 30-month installments, with an increase in interest equivalent to 7.15% per year (0.5778% per year). month) or 376% from the CDI (August 2020 rate).

The platform is available at, and the new round will be held in September. Those interested in investing can now register to be notified as soon as the round is open. Soon, it will be possible to view the profile and information on the impact and financial projections of the two businesses on the platform. The organizations selected to attract investment in this third round of the Collective Loan Platform are Manaós Tech and Movimento Eu Visto o Bem, both with a mission of positive socio-environmental impact. In total, they will raise R$ 800 thousand.

The Collective Lending Platform was launched in June 2019 and enables investors, mainly individuals, to lend money directly and digitally for the success and growth of organizations with a mission to generate a positive socio-environmental impact. On the one hand, investors obtain competitive returns. On the other hand, businesses have access to a line of credit with lower interest rates than those practiced in the market. The model is known as Peer-to-Peer lending. 

The low value of the initial contribution (from R$1,000) is one of the factors that help democratize access to impact investing in Brazil, typically made by qualified or professional investors. ?We selected two impact businesses that are transforming the social reality around them and are ready to expand their impact. The Collective Lending Platform Sitawi makes a direct connection between these entrepreneurs and investors who want to apply their money with purpose and did not have access to this type of investment. Due to the success of previous rounds, we see that more and more small investors are seeking this?, says Andrea Resende, Social Finance Manager at Sitawi.

The 3rd Collective Loan Round has the Sabin Institute as a strategic partner, as development partners CapRate, intermediated by Banco Topázio, and the consultancy and communication agency for social impact businesses Oficina de Impacto, and legal support from TozziniFreire Advogados and Wongtschowski & Zanotta Advogados.

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previous rounds

This will be the third round of investment carried out by the Collective Impact Lending Platform Sitawi. With the two previous rounds, the platform helped to support 10 businesses with a positive socio-environmental impact with the participation of 208 investors, contributing to mobilize R$ 4.01 million. The first round raised at the end of 2019 R$ 1.5 million from 159 investors, mostly individuals, for four companies and a cooperative from five Brazilian states: Orgânicos In Box, Stattus4, Inteceleri, UpSaúde and CoopSertão.

The second round, held in March, focused on five organizations that promote the sustainable development of the Amazon ? COEX Carajás, Na?kau, OKA Juice, Prátika Engenharia and Tucum. After opening to the public, investment reserves were sold out in less than 24 hours, exceeding the best expectations of the organizers. The round took place within the business call of the PPA (Platform Partners for the Amazon), from which the Sitawi is part of, and helped mobilize R$ 2.5 million in total ? around 44% came through the Platform with the investment of 71 individuals.

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