Sitawi closes socio-environmental loan with Instituto Peabiru

In September, the two organizations formalized the operation that will benefit several families settled on Ilha do Marajó. The works carried out by the Peabiru Institute in Marajó receive this financial support especially for the execution of activities in the field of technical assistance to families who live on rural production in settlements.

Several non-governmental organizations in Brazil are unable to obtain financing from traditional banks or, when possible, the high interest rates charged make the business unfeasible for the institution. In this way, Sitawi contributes to the diversification of the type of capital and to the qualification of its use and application, enhancing the social impact caused, in this case, by the Peabiru Institute operating in the state of Pará.

“The social loan is very important for our cash flow, as we often have to invest while there is no financial release from sponsors and financiers. So it is important to have a line of financing outside the traditional market and with much lower interest rates. In the end, we will save a lot”, explains Hermógenes Sá, treasurer of the Peabiru Institute.

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