Sitawi is again a finalist for the IDB beyondBanking award

Sitawi is proud to have been selected as a finalist for the second Inter-American Development Bank beyondBanking award!

We work with some of Brazil's strongest social organizations, providing resources so they can expand and improve the lives of thousands of at-risk people in Brazil. For more details, visit

These awards aim to recognize the best intermediaries70-488 financial services for the social sector in Latin America. Sitawi is competing in the ?responsible social investment? and is one of the four Brazilian organizations selected in the eight award categories*.

The winner will be chosen after a public online poll until February 29th and you are invited to participate!

For that, here is a brief step-by-step guide to70-489make your work easier:
1 ? click in,2234.html
two ? In the login session, click on ?new user?, Register your e-mail and then access the confirmation link that will be sent by the site.
3 ? Log in with your account and you will have access to the projects (Sitawi's project is ?Access to credit for nonprofit SMEs?)
4 ? Click on ?evaluate? to vote for the desired option and select up to 10 stars before clicking on ?submit?.


You vote, Sitawi wins, but the social sector takes the prize.

* Here are the details for voting for the other Brazilian organizations:
Organization: Chico Mendes Agency
Category: accessBanking (to boost banking strategies)
Project name: Chico Mendes Agency

Organization: FEBRABAN
Category: equalBanking (to encourage gender equality and diversity)
Project name: FEBRABAN program for professional training and inclusion of people with disabilities in the banking sector

Organization: Banco Sofisa
Category: clearBanking (to strengthen corporate governance and risk management)
Project name: Best practices in corporate governance for banks in the credit segment for small and medium-sized companies.

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