Sitawi makes a loan to Lar da Benção Divina, in SP

Lar da Bênção Divina is a non-governmental organization, established in 1956, which provides support services to needy communities around Congonhas Airport, in São Paulo. Currently, the Home assists more than 300 needy families in the communities of Korea, Vila Inglesa and Vila Santa Catarina, through two main projects: the Child Education Center (CEI) and the Child and Adolescent Center (CCA).

The Lar's business model is based on pedagogical, cultural and educational activities and the sources of revenue for the organization's operation range from agreements with the public sector to charity events, while the organization's sources of expenses are concentrated in expenses with personnel and third-party services.

The problem:

The Home's financial situation is quite volatile, and it is heavily dependent on donations. The main source of income ceased to be the City Hall of São Paulo (through the CEI and CCA projects) in 2012 and became the Regional Board of Education of Santo Amaro. The remainder of income came from miscellaneous donations, which in 2014 represented 38% of total income. However, the share of donations and their absolute value have dropped significantly from 2012 to date. Furthermore, is access to credit restricted to lines of credit for individuals? directors of the Home and partners of Santa Fé Portfolios ? resource manager associated with the Home.

The solution:

Lar da Bbenção Divina came to Sitawi looking for a bridge loan, as a way to support operations until October, when the annual charity dinner will be held, an event that historically represents around 20% of the organization's annual revenues. A social loan in the amount of 75 thousand reais was carried out in August 2015.

The impact:

The social impact of the Home takes place through education and the introduction of children and young people to the world of music, culture and the arts for the needy population of the communities around Congonhas Airport. Until 2015, more than 2.3 million soups were served, 2,789 children served, 4,900 families served, with an average of 261 servings per year.

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