Sitawi carries out the third socio-environmental loan for CIES

In December 2014, Sitawi made the third socio-environmental loan to CIES (Center for Integration of Education and Health). The CIES Project aims to give the population of high social vulnerability access to medical examinations of medium complexity, such as endoscopy, mammography and ultrasound, through mobile units and a health management system that practices the values of the SUS Table.

With this new loan from Sitawi, CIES will be able to invest in the construction of a clinic in Vila Nova Manchester, East Zone of São Paulo, in a training center for nurses and in a trailer to facilitate external project actions. The objective is to provide surgery to residents of the region and consolidate the work they have been doing.

The expectation is to reach 390,000 patients and train 19,500 health agents, including doctors and nurses. The new truck has the capacity to serve 250 patients a day, implying a monthly capacity of close to 5,000 people.

“We opted for the Sitawi social loan, because while traditional banks offered an interest rate between 2.5 and 4.5% per month, Sitawi offered us 1%, which enabled our cash flow and allowed us to expand our capacity to 40,000 exams a month." Roberto Kikawa, Founder CIES

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