Sitawi will manage the SouMinasGerais Philanthropic Fund, for victims affected by the Mariana-MG disaster

Caetano Veloso, Criolo, Jota Quest and guests will gather at 2 pm on December 8th, at Esplanada do Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte, for a charity event on behalf of the victims affected by the Samarco dam, in the municipality of Mariana ? MG. Proceeds from the #SouMinasGerais show will be reverted to human and environmental rescue actions in the entire region affected by the disaster. All proceeds will be sent to a Philanthropic Fund called SouMinasGerais managed by Sitawi Finance for Good. Fund management will be public and transparent via the internet.

Why a Philanthropic Fund?

?When general attention dissipates and donations decline, humanitarian, environmental and research organizations will continue to need money, preferably flexible, to continue carrying out their work in Mariana and the affected region. A tragedy of this magnitude demands a flexible financial solution to accelerate the rebalancing of families, Rio Doce and everything else affected. The Philanthropic Fund is the best way to accumulate and manage this resource over time.?, comments Leonardo Letelier, Founder and CEO of Sitawi.

Why Sitawi?

Sitawi is a non-profit organization (OSCIP) from Rio de Janeiro, awarded by the Inter-American Development Bank, which, for 7 years, has managed philanthropic funds for companies and families, in addition to developing other financial products with a positive socio-environmental impact. Having a specialized organization guarantees that resources will be used efficiently, with transparency and professionalism, to best support human and environmental rescue actions in the entire region affected by the disaster.

Where to track accountability?

A website was created so that everyone has access to the numbers of the movement and can follow the actions of Fundo SouMinasGerais. Visit:

Keep an eye on our website and social networks and also to the official page Sou Minas Gerais.

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