Sitawi wins the Health Emergency category of the 2021 Social Entrepreneur Award

THE Sitawi was chosen as the Big winner in the Health Emergency category of the Social Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Response to Covid-19, carried out by Folha de São Paulo and the Schwab Foundation. In the Reader's Choice, by popular vote, we won 3rd place. The virtual award ceremony was held this Tuesday (30), with live broadcast on the TV Folha channel on YouTube. watch the event here.

In all, 317 projects signed up for this second edition of the award focused on fighting the pandemic. The choice of Sitawi in the Sanitary Emergency category, it was made by a jury composed of personalities and specialists such as infectologist Esper Kallás and writer and philosopher Djamila Ribeiro, among others. Read the full article about Sitawi at the site of the Leaf.

Receiving this recognition and winning the award is a milestone for the organization. We are very grateful to each and everyone who dedicated some time of their days to vote for Sitawi. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have carried out the financial management of 16 Philanthropic Funds aimed at combating Covid-19, mobilizing resources, PPE, hygiene kits and basic food baskets, among other things, for around a thousand hospitals, vulnerable communities and initiatives in the Amazon.

Philanthropic Funds proved to be necessary to mobilize resources quickly, effectively and transparently for a Brazil that is facing an emergency health crisis. They equipped SUS, saved lives in Manaus and mitigated the impacts of Covid on the lives of more than 8 million people across the country.


Upon receiving the award, Leonardo Letelier, CEO and founder of Sitawi, spoke about the organization's journey towards the cause of the pandemic: ?The Sitawi does a lot of different things. We have super sophisticated proposals such as a Collective Loan Platform for impact investing and we have developed Territorial Programs in the Amazon, but it was with something much simpler and more direct that we did our part in facing Covid: the management of Philanthropic Funds. This mechanism was exactly what was needed at that moment and it was what made the difference in the lives of millions of people, he declares. 

In his celebration, Letelier congratulated the finalists and thanked his family, donors, supporters, partners, collaborators and former collaborators of Sitawi and beneficiaries who were part of the organization's journey. You can see the full acknowledgment at live from the awards.

donation campaign

Voting has ended, but the donation campaign remains open until 12/25. The amount raised for the Sitawi will be allocated to the Philanthropic Fund Matchfunding Saving Lives and doubled by the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). Since its launch, the biggest matchfunding in history has already mobilized more than R$104 million, which were reversed in inputs, hospital equipment, oxygen generating plants and O2 cylinders for more than 600 health institutions throughout the national territory.

The program is a BNDES initiative and is financially managed by Sitawi, in partnership with the Bionexo platform, the Confederation of Santas Casas de Misericórdia, Hospitals and Philanthropic Entities (CMB), Benfeitoria and with the independent review of E&Y Brasil. If you can, donate to Sitawi.  

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