Vote for Sitawi!

Sitawi is the only Brazilian organization competing in the “Socially Responsible Investment” category for the IDB (Inter-American Development Bank) beyond Banking award.

The award aims to recognize the best economic, social, environmental and governance sustainability initiatives in the financial sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sitawi is a non-profit organization that provides loans for social businesses (from R$100k to R$400k with strategic advice and 1% interest per month). It is the first initiative of its kind in Brazil and one of the 3 finalists for the award.

Voting for Sitawi takes a minute and brings this award to Brazil:

1 - Access the link or

2 – Register by clicking on the “Nuevo Usuario” link

3 – Enter your email and password

4 – They will send a confirmation email. Click on the submitted link.

5 – Vote for Sitawi, in the “Socially Responsible Investment” category.

Let's bring recognition and credibility to the social sector in Brazil!

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