Check the balance sheet of the last call for businesses with an impact on the Amazon

Last month, we closed yet another call for impact businesses with the aim of fostering organizations whose purpose is the sustainable development of local communities in the Amazon and forest conservation. 

This call is in partnership with PPA (Platform Partners for the Amazon), CLUA (Alliance for Climate and Land Use) and Fundo Vale.

What types of organizations have applied? 

Altogether, more than 50 organizations signed up to capture with us. The vast majority are made up of small and medium companies with the most varied aspects of impact:

  • Sustainable Agriculture 
  • productive chains
  • Citizenship
  • Culture
  • sustainable consumer goods
  • green technology 
  • Education

In addition, cooperatives, social organizations and associations were present. See the graphic below: 

After this step, the impact investing team evaluates and selects businesses. Organizations that qualify undergo a careful and in-depth analysis of financial and impact data. After that, they are able to borrow on our Collective Loan Platform. 

Impact analysis and evaluation 

In this in-depth analysis, governance, ethical fiber, execution capacity, the market in which it operates and its business model are evaluated. Regarding the impact, Sitawi studies both the extension (for example, how many people will benefit or how many hectares of native forest will be preserved) and the depth of the impact (to what extent this initiative improves the lives of these people). The assessment also includes interviews with founders, employees, customers, grantees and other stakeholders relevant to the organization.

?With this call for business with an impact on the Amazon, does Sitawi want to strengthen organizations that, in addition to conserving biodiversity, generate work and income for people, fostering the local economy?, it says Bruno Girardi, Vice President of Sitawi Finance for Good

Check out the impact areas that signed up:

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