Philanthropy: know the difference between urgent donations and permanent donations

Philanthropy is characterized by the set of actions that aim to help society and the environment, ranging from volunteer work to donations of food, financial resources and objects. This practice is responsible for helping millions of people around the world and must be executed with a well-structured strategy, to ensure that human and financial resources are well used to transform the world.

There are different types of cash donations, aimed at specific needs:

  • Urgent donations, also known as emergency or one-off donations. 
  • Perennial donations, which can be called scheduled or recurring. 

Both are valid and make all the difference, but they must be used in specific situations. Check it out below:

What are emergency donations?

Emergency donations are financial contributions made to contribute to the mitigation of specific problems, such as health crises and natural disasters. For example, donations to hospitals during the pandemic and to shelters during floods and landslides. This philanthropic action is carried out on a specific basis, for a specific purpose and will eventually come to an end.

At Sitawi, timely philanthropy was extremely important during the Covid-19 pandemic. O Philanthropic Fund Saving Lives raised more than R$ 140 million to combat the health emergency that has devastated the country. More than 10 million people benefited, more than 90 million pieces of PPE were donated to health professionals and entities and many lives were saved by donations made by civil society and institutions.

What are perpetual donations?

Unlike emergency donations, permanent donations are recurring and aimed at socio-environmental problems that last for a long time. Donating money for nature conservation or for the education of vulnerable children is a perennial donation, for example.

This initiative has a fixed periodicity, so the ideal is for your donors to make contributions on a scheduled basis? monthly, quarterly or annually. In general, it is this type of philanthropy that pays for the actions of NGOs and institutes that work at the forefront. 

Every donation is valid in transforming the world

Despite the differences, what counts in both types of donations is the good that is provided, as every donation helps an important cause and benefits people directly or indirectly. 

Therefore, dedicating part of your finances to transforming the world makes all the difference. Choose your cause and do your part to support it, thus contributing to improvements in society and the conservation of nature.

At Sitawi, donations received keep us active to support many other organizations. I.e, By donating to us, you strengthen Sitawi's positive impact actions!

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