Notice: opportunity to set up an Endowment Fund free of charge 

THE Sitawi Finance for Good and the Endowments of Brazil announce the notice “Democratizing Endowments“, offering a unique opportunity to non-profit organizations establish a Equity Fund without initial costs, aiming for long-term financial sustainability. Registration will be open from June 13th to July 1st. 

There will be five selected initiatives, which will receive the structuring services of the mechanism with Endowments do Brasil, with exemption from maintenance costs for the first two years.  

?This notice represents an important step towards strengthening the Third Sector, offering CSOs the opportunity to structure an Endowment Fund with no initial costs. Our goal is to provide the necessary tools so that these organizations can plan their future, ensuring that they continue to generate positive impact for many years to come. “ ? Leonardo Letelier, Executive Director of Endowments do Brasil

Who can register 

The selection process will be carried out in two main stages: eligibility and assessment. Organizations must meet specific criteria, including having an active CNPJ for at least three years, headquarters and operations in Brazil, and operations in areas of public interest such as education, science, technology, culture, health, environment, among others. 

The Selection Committee is made up of subject matter experts from various organizations in the ecosystem. The committee will evaluate applications based on four criteria: financial strength, performance of the organization, fundraising planning for the Heritage Fund, governance and management. 


The CSOs selected in the notice will receive guidance on structuring the Endowment Fund and exemption from maintenance costs in the first two years. 

If you are from an organization that fits the criteria and want to take advantage of this opportunity, don't waste time! Sign up now and embark on the path to lasting financial sustainability. 


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