Médio Juruá Territory Program 2021-2024

About the project

The second phase of the PTMJ continues the territorial development program started in 2017 by Sitawi and the Forum of the Médio Juruá Territory.

With a target audience of approx. 4,500 residents in 61 communities riverside areas and an indigenous territory, along this stretch of the Juruá river, the new stage of the PTMJ follows the governance model of the first period, involving a broad base of local actors and external partners to, in a participatory and collaborative way, develop and implement the socio-environmental projects. Among them are, for example, support for the sustainable management of wild arapaima; extraction of vegetable oils; the monitoring of chelonian conservation beaches; entrepreneurship for youth and women; local organizational strengthening; biodiversity conservation and social cohesion.

In addition to the support from USAID/Brazil and Natura, the PTMJ now has in this second stage the Partners for the Amazon Platform (PPA) as a strategic partner and the participation of the Bioversity/CIAT Alliance. Coordination remains with SITAWI. Six local community organizations (ASPROC, ASMAMJ, AMECSARA, AMARU, CODAEMJ and ASPODEX) are among the implementers of the actions. It will also have the support of ICMBio, State Secretariat for the Environment (SEMA) and OPAN.


1,020,000 hectares conserved

3000 people with improved socioeconomic benefits

700 jobs created through/from the project

4 sustainable origin products supported: murumuru, andiroba pirarucu and chelonians


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