Annual Report 2023: Sitawi releases numbers and strategies from 15 years of operation

In 2023 we celebrate 15 years of operation of Sitawi Finanças do Bem. Throughout the year we made many moves to boost our purpose of redefining the role of capital through positive socio-environmental impact: events, campaigns, participation in awards, the development of a Theory of Change and much more!

The results of our efforts led us to mobilize more than R$ 450 million for positive impact initiatives across the country, 5 million hectares preserved with our support and 14 thousand people benefited from our actions with partners. 

Now, We compile all strategies, actions and movements that made these results possible in our Annual Report 2023. The material focuses on each of Sitawi's areas of activity and brings the main milestones of the year that passed, with highlights, testimonials and impactful readings, with indications of materials. 

The Annual Report serves as a tool for transparency and compliance. This is what our deputy executive director and leader of the Financial Administrative area, Edel Wegbrayt, confirms: 

“Third Sector organizations, for the most part, deal with external financial resources that are contributed to socio-environmental projects. In this context, our commitment to integrity, ethical principles and transparency are essential: do they serve as a demonstration that donations received are applied for positive impact, in addition to strengthening credibility and trust with donors, organizations and the sector?

Another aspect of our organization that is presented in the report is the team diversity. In 2023, Sitawers' 87%? What do we call our employees? are part of a diversity group, such as black and brown people or members of the LGBTQPIA+ community. This way, we want to promote change from the inside out. 

Want to know more about our 2023 milestones, strategies, people and results?

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