Middle Juruá: check out the latest events in the territory

The first half of the year in the Middle Juruá was full of meetings that addressed relevant issues and innovative initiatives aimed at the sustainable development of the region. Check out part of what happened below!

Meeting for the Evaluation and Planning of Lake Management in the Middle Juruá

In July, our Conservation and Climate Finance team, responsible for developing financial solutions for conserving biodiversity and facing climate challenges, closely followed the Assessment and Planning meeting for Lake Management in the Middle Juruá, at the Support Base Bauana, in the Uacari Sustainable Development Reserve.

The meeting takes place every year and is one of the most important events in the territory. The meeting, held last month, brought together around 200 people who discussed the results of protecting lakes, shared victories and challenges and outlined collective strategies for community strengthening and actions in the territory. In addition, the counting and fishing schedule and the logistics for marketing were also defined for the year 2023. 

The sustainable management of wild pirarucu is one of the actions supported by the Middle Juruá Territory Program (PTMJ), a territorial development initiative coordinated by Sitawi. In it, the limits of biodiversity are respected and the socioeconomic development of the region is promoted. To find out how sustainable management is carried out, read our blogpost.

For Heitor Dellasta, Conservation and Climate Finance analyst at Sitawi, meetings like these are fundamental for articulating positive strategies for the territory: “The Fishing Planning Meeting is an important moment to recognize the importance of the protagonism of local organizations in the Middle Juruá Territory. The meeting reflects the cohesion and community self-organization that allow for more decentralized and participatory decision-making processes regarding the territory and management of the pirarucu.”.

To learn more about the meeting, visit the content produced by the Juruá Institute, technically responsible for counting pirarucu in the environments of the Fisheries Agreement Area and environments in the municipality of Itamarati.

33rd Meeting of the Middle Juruá Territory Forum (TMJ Forum)

Also in July, on the 18th and 19th, the 33rd Meeting of the Middle Juruá Territory Forum also took place. Held at the headquarters of the Association of Rural Producers of Carauari (ASPROC), in Carauari (AM), the meeting presented results, proposals and governance guidelines for the region.

For Ana Quelly Anacleto, Conservation and Climate Finance assistant at Sitawi, having a closer relationship and affinity with the region is essential for us to continue engaging the local movement: “Getting to know the Middle Juruá, after some time helping with the activities of the PTMJ, was a unique experience of being able to experience what the socio-political formation of the region really is like. I was able to see how the articulation of local actors is, as well as how engaged they are and are with the causes that will bring improvement for a collective good.?

To get even more inside, check out the news from the Juruá Institute.

The fight against gold mining and the impacts of gas exploration on the Juruá River are also being debated in the territory. To know more, read the news.

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