5 sustainable practices for companies

In the midst of a global upheaval, there is a lot of talk about the importance of looking at the environment and understanding which human actions have worsened issues related to it. As a result, sustainability becomes a recurring topic in everyday and corporate life – all companies can and should outline strategies to reduce the impact they have on the environment. 

These actions can range from the sustainable disposal of raw materials to the purchase of carbon credits. Regardless of how we contribute to sustainable development, this initiative is essential to guarantee a future with fewer climate and environmental problems.

Advantages of sustainable initiatives

In addition to being a good thing for the environment and future generations, sustainability brings benefits to the companies that practice it. Currently, sustainable development is a trend and matters a lot to consumers: according to a Nielsen survey, 42% of Brazilian consumers are changing their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment.

This means that being ?nature friendly? brings a competitive advantage to companies, generating a good reputation with the public.

If you are interested in reducing your company's impacts on the environment, keep reading. We have 5 incredible tips to help you on this journey:

Sustainable actions to put into practice – from the simplest to the most complex

  • Reduce the consumption of disposables by adopting reusable materials

Have you ever thought about how much waste we can produce? To avoid this disposal, materials such as disposable cups and bags can be replaced. Here at Sitawi, all employees have their own mug, ecocup and ecobag. 

  • Create sustainability campaigns and share the idea

It is not enough to be sustainable only in the workplace, this action needs to happen in all places and times. Therefore, competitions and awareness projects with the entire team are great ways to engage employees and make them more sustainable in their homes too.

It could be a competition for whoever takes the most positive actions or a lecture on the subject – the important thing is to mobilize people and ensure that everyone is connected.

  • Look for sustainable suppliers

Do like most consumers and find out the origin of the materials your company is using. Therefore, give preference to raw materials produced without harming the environment and society, coming from organizations whose mission is to create a more sustainable world. To do this, you can count on impactful businesses, so you can be sure that your suppliers have a socio-environmental commitment.

  • Engage your audience with the idea

In addition to bringing employees and suppliers to the sustainable side, try to spread the idea to your customers and consumers as well. This exchange can happen through social networks, product packaging and so on. You will generate awareness among those who consume your products and can also attract people who are interested in the subject.

  • Create a project to finance sustainable practices

For those who want to go beyond small routine actions, having their own environmental project designed according to the company's specificities is ideal. This way, you can return to the environment what you take from it, reducing your organization's impact on nature. The project can be aimed at soil, animals, water or air. The important thing is that nature is always considered in the company's strategic actions, as we explained in this material.

For those who want to go further: Sitawi has innovative solutions for sustainability

At Sitawi we create innovative financial solutions to promote positive environmental impact. Our frontlines have the necessary expertise to create diagnoses, develop and manage projects in partnership with companies that would like to use finance as a nature conservation mechanism. On our website you can check out several environmental projects that we coordinate in partnership with large private institutions.

If you are interested in establishing a project focused on the environment and making your company more sustainable, call us for a chat and see your ideas come to fruition.


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