Find out how Creative Learning is transforming public educational institutions in the country

It is necessary to see education as an environment that gives children and adolescents the opportunity to express themselves in projects connected with their realities, and that contributes to the formation of citizens capable of facing the world. This is what the Creative Schools Program believes in.

Relying on Sitawi's financial management, the program wants to transform even more schools into engaging environments, with practical activities that use various tools, including technological methods, such as computers and robotics kits, as well as non-technological ones, such as pencils, glue and cardboard.

Today, the program operates in 16 municipal and state departments of education and covers more than 950 schools with its projects. Having benefited more than 334,000 students, the program also plans to reach around 500,000 students by the end of 2024. To achieve this goal, the Creative Schools Program works in partnership with public administrators, school leaders and teachers, mapping and promoting activities that transform the way of approaching disciplines and competences of the curriculum, contributing to the integral formation of the student.

All participating education networks have the necessary support to carry out the activities foreseen in the project. For this, mentorships, courses, examples of lesson plans, reference materials, and more are shared. In addition, the entire implementation of the project is measured through surveys with participating trainers and teachers.

The result of this collaboration is education professionals who are increasingly willing to implement the methodology in their classes, and exchanges between schools and secretariats, to analyze the performance of projects.

To learn more about the Creative Schools Program, visit the website.

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