Sitawi has projects approved by the UN initiative

In the second half of 2023, Sitawi Finanças do Bem participated in an extensive selection process with several organizations in Brazil, focusing on operating in the states of the Legal Amazon, through public calls for the Floresta+ Amazônia Project. The initiative is carried out by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MMA), with support from the Green Climate Fund (GCF).

The selection considered processes, procedures and deliveries of projects conducted by Sitawi throughout its history. The organization was enabled by its technical management and service provision capabilities. Furthermore, communities proposing local projects also recognized Sitawi as a trustworthy partner. Therefore, it will support the execution of local projects in partnership with the Floresta+ Amazônia Project.

Sitawi will be a partner in the execution of the project “Agroecological practices and entrepreneurship for young riverside people at Escola Familiar Rural do Campina”, in the state of Amazonas, worth R$ 670 thousand, for the traditional riverside and extractive community of the Extractive Reserves (Resex) of Médio Juruá and the Uacari Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS). The other initiative that will be implemented is “Women as Environmental Agents in Monitoring the Krikati Indigenous Land”, in Maranhão, with an investment of approximately R$607 thousand, aimed at the Krikati and Guajajara indigenous peoples. Both will take two years to be implemented. 

According to Sitawi's Philanthropy Management supervisor, Wendel Bornéo, Sitawi's qualification is the result of its consolidation as an organization with well-defined processes and business maturity, since the approval comes from an international and highly relevant program. ?Since Sitawi was evaluated by an independent audit hired by the UNDP, we are able to execute resources in partnerships with other agencies within the scope of the United Nations. This represents Sitawi's capacity in financial and project management through robust processes, procedures and other requirements to act as a facilitator in working with grassroots organizations within the United Nations system?, he declared.

?Our compliance practices were also checked in this micro assessment, which is one of the differences in this process. This shows our excellence and alignment with the practices of large national and international organizations, given that we have worked, for example, with BNDES and USAID?, added Borneó.

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About the Amazon Forest Project:  The two projects that will be carried out with support from Sitawi are part of a set of 40 initiatives selected in Cycles 1 and 2 by Floresta+ Amazônia, within the scope of the Communities Modality. In total, R$ 33 million will be invested in local projects, prepared in a participatory manner, to strengthen management and environmental protection in collective territories aimed at indigenous populations and traditional peoples in eight states in the Legal Amazon.

The Floresta +Amazônia Project is carried out by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MMA), with the support of the Green Climate Fund (GCF). By 2026, US$ 96 million will be invested in Amazonian territories, supporting those who protect and conserve the forest. 

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