Evolution in governance: Sitawi celebrates new Executive Board

More than R$360 million mobilized. Around 12 million people benefited from our actions. More than 1 million hectares conserved in the Amazon. We grew, we evolved and, in the year that we completed 15 years of existence, we entered a new phase: Edel Wegbrayt and Bruno Girardi join Leonardo Letelier on the Executive Board.

Bruno Girardi is an economist from the University of London and holds an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Edel Wegbrayt has a degree in Law and Management Processes from FGV, an Executive MBA from COPPEAD UFRJ and a postgraduate degree in Economics and Sustainability Management from UFRJ – LARES. In addition to the new challenges, both continue to lead their areas of activity, Edel in the Financial Administrative area and Bruno in Impact Investment.

We are more than 80 collaborators, with well-defined compliance and governance processes. In view of this, the expansion of the Executive Board enables a greater exchange of experiences, different points of view, enriching discussions and decision-making. ?Does the organizational environment also benefit from this structure model, producing an effect of shared vision and strengthening of governance?, emphasizes Edel. 

According to the new director, 2023 is a year of consolidation of initiatives and projects, highlighting the implementation of the SAP system and the recent Compliance sector at Sitawi. ?Following this constant desire to overcome and improve, we will soon launch an internal platform for automating processes and requests that will allow the recording and monitoring of any demand directed to the financial administrative area. In addition, we are working on a policy for data and information security, among other projects that are coming?, comment. 

Sitawi's accelerated growth in recent years has also brought an increase in the complexity of the services provided and in the standard of compliance requirements. For Bruno, the movement to expand a board is directly linked to improvement in governance. ?Part of my career focused on governance and management of investment boards and funds. I hope to contribute to this experience in the daily life of Sitawi?, highlights Bruno. 

A new moment, a new Sitawi 

Leonardo Letelier, CEO of Sitawi, points out that he will have a qualified company to deal with more complex institutional issues. ?This structure increases the ability to build networks and tends to generate deeper discussions and better decisions to strengthen the organizations that are part of our ecosystem and, therefore, increase their impact. On the personal side, my work will be less lonely, which is always a good thing.?, points out Leonardo. 

Leonardo also comments that he will manage to dedicate quality time to the organizational culture, inspiring and representing Sitawi in more external events and forums and in front of international partners. In addition, he also intends to focus on Endowments do Brasil, the Endowment Management Organization (OGFP) where he is Executive Director, bringing more and more innovation in financial mechanisms for a positive socio-environmental impact in Brazil. 

This evolution comes at an important milestone: Sitawi completes 15 years of operations in 2023. such a fact it is a natural evolution and maturation of the organization and having more senior people leading areas is a reflection of this solidity. ?This positions us for another 15 years of activity. The organization is much bigger than me and what I imagined when I founded it. Does the new brand and a more collegial board position us well for long years of success? points out Leonardo. 

This is an important step in our history and we trust that it will bring even more solidity to Sitawi's operations and a more positive impact on the field. 

We welcome Edel and Bruno!


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